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Body Massage in Lincoln – Download Price List

Body Massages

Body Massage

A deep and relaxing massage to suit all your needs, to ease aching muscles and also releases tension that builds up in the body with everyday life. You can choose if you would like our Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager with Infra Red combined with your massage, excellent for a deep tissue massage for pain relief, and sore muscles. Your therapist will adjust massage pressure to suit your requirements whether you want a relaxing gentle and soothing massage or a deep muscle tissue massage.

Back and Shoulder Massage – 30 mins £32
Back and Shoulder Massage with Zen Physio – 30 mins £37
Full Body Massage -1 hour £52
Full Body Massage with Zen Physio -1 hour £57
Deep Head and Sinus Massage – 30 mins £32

A deep massage that will help to keep your sinuses clear. Leaving you feeling relaxed and energised.

Gift Vouchers to Suit any occasion available by post, phone or collection at the Salon.

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