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Why look pasty when you can have a gorgeous tan in Lincoln?

Here at Quays Beauty salon in Lincoln, Lincolnshire we will provide you with the ultimate beauty experience, including tanning. We are situated in quiet, tranquil surroundings and have outstanding views which overlook Burton Waters Marina. Yes, why not have your beautiful tan here in one of Lincoln’s premier locations at Quays Beauty salon?

Why we use “Kissed by Mii” tanning products here at Quays Beauty tanning in Lincoln

Feedback from thousands of women who use beauty salons has directly led to the “Mii” cosmetic range, a totally new range of makeup and tanning products. “Kissed by Mii” will give you an instant tanning boost, and revitalise and reinvigorate your skin. It is created with coral seaweed, marine minerals and coastal flowers. It is a parabens free range, and will nourish and replenish your skin’s natural minerals.

What are people saying about “Kissed by Mii” tanning products and treatments?

Not just a beautiful colour, but a luxurious experience too! Here’s some feedback:

“The tan lasted a week and I was very happy with the result. It had a warm and natural glow that made my skin look smoother and healthier. I also found it to be completely non-sticky and with a pleasant scent. Definitely a treatment I would have again.”

“ I was seriously impressed. I am not even joking that this totally made me glow for days, and I had people stopping me and asking what I had had done!”

Why not give it a try?

Sunless tanning is in high demand, and we provide a top quality, friendly but professional tanning service here in the award-winning salon at Burton Waters marina. Please browse our website for full information and pricings.